I don't know why you think ___________.

Poster for “Eternal Espiritu Zombi Suite" by the Eternals. 

"Hey!" - MF Doom. Greatest song to ever sample Scooby Doo. Yes, really.

A Flat Earth Society map. Where’s Antarctica, pray tell?

Exit strategy.

Wishing there was some sort of cold-weather option today, naturally thinking of hockey. 

Current favorite Tumblr, Michelle Foucault (Foucault/Full House mashup)

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Phil Ken Sebben showing the world my weekend plans. 



Inspired by Billie from thepaver ‘s photo:

Code is here.


"You went away" - Rare Bird. HOLY CRAP. Like if Arthur Lee fronted the Zombies who apparently lost their guitars on the way to the studio.

"(I want to be an) Anglepoise Lamp" - The Soft Boys. Perma-stuck in my head.

"Charlie Don’t Surf" - The Clash (live in Tokyo, 1982)

"Midnight Bahnhof Cafe" - Wire. From their weird, just-before-breaking up largely-undocumented period. 

Don’t blame me, I voted for Camacho.

tokyoscum: Army of the Apes (1974)

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Oh, just a man in a gorilla suit flipping the bird. Nothing to see here. 

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